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Career Astrology

Are you looking Career Astrology? In the modern age, business and career are very important topics for survival, comfort and personal fulfillment. Many factors in your chart shed light on your unique configuration for business and career.
For career, you are influenced by Saturnís placement in your chart for your work ethic and ability to perform quality service as well as insights into karmic blockages that may be holding you back.
Jupiter indicates your potential for wealth and about your ability to receive and benefit from constructive advice. Jupiterís location may reveal troublesome karma from past lives when you did not respect instructions from more evolved mentors or in which you may have abused wealth.
Mercury reveals your natural energies for commercial success, your talents for buying or selling in the marketplace (including offering your services to others), your gifts with communication, numbers, marketing and managing details.
Remedies are ways to activate past life merit that may be ripe for you to receive at this time. Remedies also give a way to take responsibility to clean up any mess you have made in the past with mishandling money.

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